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Beyond Guardian Air

" We have the Beyond Guardian air cleaner for both levels of our house, and the Lux Guardian Angel in our bedroom. Since we put these air purifiers to work, we have definitely notice how dust free the furniture and base boards are in our house. In fact, when our daughter was visiting she shook out a throw blanket and commented on how little dust she saw in the sunlight. I’m very happy we invested in these. I have dust and pollen allergies, and I don’t have time to dust. I’m looking forward to getting a dog now. Jenny Gassert "

Laundry Pro

" After using the Laundry Pro for approximately 2 weeks now, I am pleasantly surprised! I was a real skeptic and had to see how well this new technology works in order to become a believer.

The main driver to purchase the Laundry Pro was for the sheer fact of NOT using any commercial laundry detergent. My 8 year old has been experiencing redness, itching and daily hives from even the mildest “eco friendly” and "hyper allergenic” laundry detergents currently being sold on the market. After washing her clothes with the Laundry Pro, she no longer is susceptible to redness and itchy hives and it has made a world of difference in her quality of life. I now use the Laundry Pro for all my laundry and have done away with expensive and harsh detergents in my household.

Moreover, since the Laundry Pro uses COLD water, over time this will reduce my energy bills in heating the water and running shorter cycles while using my front loader. I no long have to run my front loader on the “sanitize” function which used to take me over 2 hours per load of laundry. This product also works great on general cleaning in my home as well.

The Laundry Pro was easy to install and I love the fact that it’s maintenance free.

Overall, I have become a believer in the Laundry Pro and would recommend it to others who suffer from itching, redness and hives due to commercial laundry detergent, as well as for those who want to help our environment and live in a more chemical-free home.

Lastly, your Customer Service was second to none. You are honest and very friendly, which made it easy to trust in your company and the Laundry Pro. Many times it’s all about the sale; however, this time it was all about the product and how well it works. Your Customer Service was the “bow” on the box! This is what made all the difference for us to move forward with the purchase. We are very happy – thank you! 
 Kathy T. Toronto, Ontario "

"I am absolutely loving my Laundry Pro! We just set it up yesterday and I've been rewashing all of my clothes because it’s so awesome! I love how clean everything smells, even without the detergent. I really thought it would take me a while to start seeing the difference but I was sold on the first wash. We had friends over last night and we were all doing comparisons, and there was no arguing how great the Laundry Pro is... and we just can’t stop talking about it. Thanks again!"

"We have been using the Laundry Pro for about a month. I was skeptical when I threw in my first load of dirty laundry. In the past, I’d only bought Tide and thought it was the best – therefore worth the extra money. I was shocked to see how clean the clothes turned out with Laundry Pro. I was most impressed with the smell: not only were the clothes visibly clean, they also smelled fresh. I have two toddlers, so I'm doing numerous loads every day and look forward to seeing how much money the Laundry Pro will save us."

Guardian Air

"My wife and I have a cat, a dog, and we love to cook. So sometimes the air in our home doesn't always smell as good as we'd like. We decided to try using the Guardian Air and we've been blown away by the change in our indoor air quality. You'd never know we have pets...or that I burn the occasional steak! "

Lux Guardian Platinum

"I can tell such a difference now that I'm using my Lux Guardian Platinum. The carpet that I had installed 2 years ago still looks new, and my son's asthma symptoms have decreased significantly. I have no doubt that removing all the dust, debris and dander from our carpets and rugs has made that extra difference."

Origins by Aerus

"I am a mother of 2 active girls. In the past, the only means of getting them to drink water was bottled water. Origins was the perfect solution to my concerns, with its incredible filtration system and ability to turn basic tap water into chemical-free, great-tasting water, saving on both waste and cost. I think the Origins Water System is a perfect fit for our lives, cost effective, convenient and healthy. And my girls - well they just think its "awesome."

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